Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Finishing the finishes

I've been neglecting FrockWatch for a view days because I've been very busy so apologies for the lack of effort. I've been carrying my dress in ziplock bags from home to the studio so thanks to Supervalu for their great product. I've started contructing the bodice after much torment with the skirt which I'll post some pics of soon. Here's some pictures of how I attached the feathers apologies I didn't get an opportunity to press the pieces. I attached the feather trim to a fresh bias binding and placed the overlapping pieces in to the seam allowance so I have a clean edge. Hopefully the time I took will pay off and the finish will impress the judges. I'm ready to start beading which I'm going to complete before the bodice is fully sewn together so the stitches won't show on the lining.
Ro x

Really impressed with my Swarovski hot fix crystals that I got from Scatter Crsytals uk, this is the silk colour but I also got them in an antique rose. Such a nice effect. Only 8 days to go!!! 

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