Sunday, 10 August 2014

Functional to fabulous

I decided not to do a veil for the dress as I don't want to cover the back detail. Instead I've made a head piece from an old bra cup. I've had to get a bit thrifty with the whole project and this is such an easy way to save money and have an amazing piece at the end. For any brides getting married it's a great idea for personalising your look as you can use any beads or embroidery you want maybe even some blue crystals for your something blue! 

Make sure it's not a padded bra or people might find out your secret. Remove the wire from the cup. Cut out the shape you desire in the sponge and decide on the size you'd like. I went for a leaf shape that will mould around the side of the head. Cut out your fabric leaving a seam allowance for sewing. Place your two pieces right side to right side and sew together making sure to leave a small opening so you can turn it out. This hole can then be hand stitched closed once the padding is inside. Give it a press with the iron as you go.
I added veiling to mine for a 3D effect but the decoration is up to you, stitch on your bits and pieces. Once you're done cut a piece of felt slightly smaller than the headpiece and hand sew to the back inorder to cover your other stitches and create a clean edge for attaching the comb.
Sew your comb in place and voila! A glamorous and elegant accessory ready for the big day. Hope this inspires some of you to reconsider throwing out those old Penney's bras!
Ro x 

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