Sunday, 24 August 2014

Curly Sue

There's nothing better than getting your hair done and it's even more satisfying when it's free. I got my boyfriend to set my hair for me the other night and it's the best it's ever been done. Basically it's like getting a perm done but using mouse and water instead of perm lotion. 
I have a bad relationship with perms ever since I was 17, myself and my friends thought it would be a great idea to buy a home perm kit having in clue what a perm actually does. The result was my hair got burnt and fused together so I had to have it all chopped off. It makes for a good story and we all laugh about it now but even though I'd always had short hair it was horrible having that little. I comforted myself by adopting the name Rochelle and telling everyone I had to get my weave cut out, laughter is the best medicine I suppose. 
Anyway I have hair now so I'll get back to the present. So after all the rollers go in you use a dryer to heat the hair and set it in place (I'm very impatient so I slept with them in). Then in the morning I woke up looking like the star of Annie and feeling fabulous. Throughout the day the curls drop and you can pull them down so they're no so afro-like. I usually clip up the sides of my hair so it's not too curly around my face and voila a natural looking head of curls. Honestly don't know how people manage curly hair all the time tho, I have a greater appreciation of the struggle.
Ro x

This is on the way to the event and the headpiece I made for it๐Ÿ‘‘

Back when Rochelle was around rocking the red hair 

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